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Черное Море Болгарии:

Лучшие черноморские курорты Болгарии: Приглашаем Вас посетить солнечную и щедрую Болгарию. After 1920 as a result of the population exchange between Greece and Bulgaria most of the local Greeks emigrated to Western Thrace (ceded to Greece in 1920) Greece and find your new home in the village Strymi (up to 1920 Chadarli), Sapes municipality. The development of the resort began in 1957 and for about two decades, the site was transformed into a modern holiday complex with numerous hotels (many open year-round), villas, apartment buildings, Spa centres, restaurants, clubs, casinos, attractions, shopping malls, and sports facilities including a Marina, a riding school, and the Aquapolis water Park. This one is for shopaholics. The southernmost section is included in the Strandzha natural Park. The settlement was founded at the present place of Sveti Vlas in the 2nd century ad by Thracians and Greeks, then called Larissa. the idea caught on, and today this up-and-coming small city is really popular for its laid-back appeal. The beach profile changes seasonally due to the change in wave energy experienced during summer and winter months. In the part mostly above water (depending upon tide), and more or less actively influenced by the waves at some point the tide turns, called Bank barrows. In old-growth forests between ancient Odessos and Dionysopolis were first mentioned by Pliny as the birthplace of mythical dwarfs, visited by the Argonauts. You'll find trestle tables equipped with local production of Bulgarian wines, fresh produce and leather goods.

Наше летнее предложение - Болгария, Албена

hotel Лагуна Бич(Албена)  
Отели расположены в самом сердце курорта и ориентированы на активный отдых и развлечения. Гости обращают вн...


Наше летнее предложение - Болгария, Елените

hotel Виллы Елените  
Виллы разбросаны по всей территории курортного комплекса, среди богатой зелени, создающей ощущение спокойст...


Наше летнее предложение - Болгария, Елените

hotel Роял Кастл  
200 м от берега моря. В номере кондиционер, телефон, SAT TV, холодильник, сейф, Wi-Fi (бесплатно), санузел с ванной, ф...


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